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Sea Dog IPA

Name – Sea Dog IPA
Country – United States
Type – India Pale Ale

Appearance – A medium to dark amber coloring. When poured into a chilled glass, produces an emmense amount of a thick white head.

Smell – A very favorable sweet aroma, not overwhelming but very pleasant.

Taste – The taste is amazing, one of the best IPA’s I have ever sampled. Reminds me of a beer I have sampled in the past, but I can not think of the name. I have sampled a few other Sea Dog beer’s, most of which have a fruity taste. I am very impressed with Sea Dog’s IPA they truly can make a great beer without fruit. The beer has an absolute perfect amount of carbonation, and is not too strong. No bad after taste, great for any occasion. I will be buying this beer in a greater amount for my own personal enjoyment.

Overall Grade – A-

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