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Idunware Beer

Have you ever found yourself wondering about a beer that you drank before and just can’t remember it’s name? I know I have before. We there is now a great little databasing program built specifically to help you with that. It is called Idunware Beer and the program allows you to database different beers, breweries and distributors. The break down of each entry that you put in is extremely detail oriented if you like to be that way. Then again you also don’t have to be. You can add a style and what brewery made the beer to the entries as well as a review with a grade. Hell you can even enter how much you paid for it each time you had it.

The people over at Idunware were nice enough to give me a copy of the program to test and I must say that a lot of hard work had to have been put into this and it paid off. I consider myself a very detail oriented person. My record collection list I have broken down into all different little things and this program lets me do this with my beer.

If you are a beer lover and want a great way to organize and database the beers you have drank then Idunware Beer is perfect for this. You can visit Idunware and purchase Idunware Beer at their website by going to

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