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Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Name – Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
Country – United States
Type – American Brown Ale

Appearance – Very deep brown color with a nice, thick tan head.

Smell – Roasted malts, toffee and nuts.

Taste – A rich, sweet, roasted taste of toffee and malts.  Slight coffee taste with a hoppy finish.

Not being a fan of coffee I was a little concerned going into this one but figured why not.  The appearance is just amazing but then the smell got me scared again.  The roasted smells usually indicate a coffee taste.  While it did have a slight coffee taste it was not overpowering like some imperial stouts would be.  It was sweeter than I thought which helped me enjoy it more.  Not an amazing beer but an above average one.

Overall Grade – C+

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