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Old Jubilation, Avery Brewing Co.

Name – Old Jubilation, Avery Brewing Co.
Country – United States
Type – Winter Warmer

Appearance – Very dark black in color. Similar to a dark roasted color.

Smell – Slightly hoppy and spicy.

Taste – A roasted, hoppy taste with a a bit of spice.

This is a special occasion beer for Avery Brewing. Old Jubilation is a festive beer around fall and winter. Bitter and spicy, is typical to many festive beers. Living in hot Florida drinking this beer is not appetizing, it warms you. Unsure of the alcohol volume, but strong. I would guess in the 7%-8% alcohol volume. Jubilation is best enjoyed in cold weather. Carbonation is good, but overall not a great beer.

Price- $2.00

Overall Grade – D+

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