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The Blue Anchor

I have been to the Blue Anchor on numerous occasions but feel that it is about time that I give it a review that it deserves.

Name: The Blue Anchor
Location: Delray Beach, FL

Atmosphere: The bar is literally out of foggy London.  The building itself use to be a bar by the same name in England and was moved across the pond to Delray Beach by the original owner.  It is exactly what you would want and expect from a British pub.  Large wooden doors with wooden walls.  Going in at night it is dimmly lite with lamps scattered throughout the building.

Selection: The selection includes many of the favorites that you would expect from a British Pub but also contains a few guest beers such as Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat and Rogue Dead Guy.  They have a nice selection of bottled beer as well, including one of my favorites Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout.  But the main highlight is the hand pumps that include Hobgoblin, Fuller’s ESB, Fuller’s London Pride and Cask Conditioned Old Thumper.  The ESB was great coming from the hand pump.

Service: Every time there the service has been superb and this night was no exception.  The bartenders were very quick to notice you and get your order.  They then returned really quickly with your beverage.

Food: While I didn’t eat this time the Blue Anchor’s food is great if your into British/Irish food.  Their Shepard’s Pie is by far the best I have ever had and their fish and chips is on par with some of the bests.

Price: I think the prices were just about what you would expect from a pub.  It was $5 for a pint even for the hand pumped beers.

Overall: Ever since the first time I walked into the Blue Anchor I have loved it.  It is the way a real pub should be.  They aren’t proclaiming themselves to be a pub but are really just a glorified nightclub inside.  If you want a true pub feel definitely check out the Blue Anchor in downtown Delray.

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